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Chiropractic is defined as the philosophy, science, and art of things natural, with the objective of locating, analyzing, and correcting the vertebral subluxation complex. The subluxation is the improper positioning of a vertebra from the ideal spinal model that causes interference of a nerve impulse from the brain to the body and back.

According to Gray’s Anatomy we know that the central nervous system controls and regulates the entire body. If we have an interference of a nerve to a particular part of the body, this part has lost the necessary communication to function properly. The rest of the body is also adversely affected since no one part affected cannot affect the whole body.

Doctors of chiropractic are the only professionals who are trained to locate, analyze, and correct the vertebral subluxation complex. Chiropractors adjust the vertebral subluxation complex by introducing a specific force in the direction that would thereby restore the biomechanical integrity, thus restoring the nerve impulse.

Understanding that every patient must be assessed and treated as an individual, Dr. Haug carefully reviews the results of a comprehensive health workup that neuralgic and orthopedic examination, biomechanical exam, x-rays (if needed) and a detailed health history.

Dr. Haug presents a report of findings and develops an individual comprehensive care and treatment plan for each patient. Patient treatments often start with structural re-alignment, application of appropriate therapies to quickly release pain and instruction on stretching and exercises.

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